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Dakkah Studio, founded in 2018, shines as a center of artistic innovation in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, it has become a hub for artists and innovators alike. The studio fosters a diverse range of artistic expressions, blending traditional and modern elements. This creative haven reflects the dynamic cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia, inspiring a new generation of creators.
“Humans first, and things must adapt” Whenever we enter a place, a question pops up in our mind: How come we’re affected by our surroundings ? Have you ever found yourself intensely affected the minute you enter a new place, discover an unfamiliar area or even clean up our own space ?.
As we dug deeper, we got more close to people, understanding their emotional journeys, discovering what relationships do they have with their surroundings.. and finding out that it is a relationship between us and whatever is around us, a connection that started from a long time, a very strong bond, that is continuing to grow by time.. .

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